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If you are looking for a registered NDIS provider, look no further because we are here to support! At Caura, we are your trusted NDIS provider, offering tailored support services to help you achieve your goals and lead an independent life. Our qualified carers will assist you with all your needs and developmental goals. By going beyond the basics and that extra mile, we will ensure that we provide you with a comprehensive range of support. Once you enlighten us on your needs, we will focus on all the aspects you will need assistance with to enhance your life.

As a renowned team for providing disability services in Blacktown, we offer holistic services that will empower you to lead a fulfilling life. With years of experience, our supporters rightly recognise the unique needs of every participant who reaches out to us. So, apart from providing immediate support services and fulfilling your requirements, we ensure taking personalised measures and having group programs to accelerate your growth in all spheres.
Our support services include:

  • Social Engagement
  • Life Coaching
  • Community Participation
  • In-Home Support
  • Transportation
  • Capacity-Building
  • Mentorship
  • Companionship
  • Support Coordination
  • Psychosocial Recovery Coaching
  • Adult Social Programs
  • SIL (Supported Independent Living)
  • Respite Care/Transitional Support Living
  • Employment Services (SLES)

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At Caura, we offer a range of NDIS services that cover all aspects of a participant's life, with a special focus on mental health. With years of experience, we're here to be your dedicated support system, providing the resources and assistance you need to fulfill your aspirations.

What is the NDIS?

NDIS, also known as the National Disability Insurance Scheme, is an Australian government initiative to enhance the lives of people with disabilities. By offering comprehensive support services, this initiative aims to improve the lives of people with disabilities. Because every NDIS participant has unique needs, NDIS offers more choice and control over the disability services.

The NDIS scheme functions to ensure that every individual with a disability has all the access and support they need to complete their goals. By helping them pave their way to an independent life, NDIS not only focus on providing disability services but also emphasise on helping them build confidence and exercise choice and control.

To qualify for NDIS disability services in Blacktown, an individual must be eligible and you can be an NDIS participant if –

  • Your age is between 9 to 65
  • You are disabled as a result of an impairment.
  • Your disability is permanent.
  • Due to your disability, you are unable to do one or more activities of daily living to the same extent.
  • Your disability makes it difficult for you to work, learn, or engage socially.
  • You’ll want NDIS assistance for the rest of your life.
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Why Choose Us?


With us, you will find a team that understands your mental health challenges and helps you deal with them.


Our services target your overall well-being and caters to all your immediate and long-term needs.


Our support experts and caregivers are all equipped to address all your disability-related needs and associated challenges.


We are a compassionate team that follows an empathetic approach to disability care and makes you feel cared for.


From finding the right accommodation to securing desirable employment opportunities, we will do it all for you and deliver to all your needs.


At Caura we offer life coaching and mentorship service to help you better define your goals and achieve them.

Your Trusted NDIS Provider for Disability Services in Blacktown

At Caura, we are a renowned and trusted providers of NDIS disability services in Blacktown since 2019. As our team has consistently delivered the best and ideal support services throughout these years, we have positively impacted the lives of many individuals with disabilities. With us, you’ll have access to –

1. Clear Communication –
We understand that trust is built on transparency, and at Caura, we maintain open communication. Maintaining transparency remains our core value, helping us deliver as per the expectations of our participants. By keeping the family of each participant informed, we make sure to involve them in decision-making at every step.

2. Community Impact – The team at Caura actively contributes to the well-being of the community. Through our inclusive programs and disability services in Blacktown, we have helped many participants enhance their lives. The positive impact remains evident because of our initiatives aiming to create a supportive environment for NDIS participants.

3. Experienced Team –
What sets us apart as a NDIS provider in Blacktown is the wealth of experience in our team.. Right from supporting participants in navigating through their NDIS plan, to helping them gain confidence and live life autonomously, we work with you through it all.

Enhancing Lives through Disability Support Services in Blacktown

When searching for NDIS providers near me, you must want a team of supporters who can complete all your needs. At Caura, we stand committed to delivering not just NDIS disability services but ensuring our efforts help you live life with ease and confidence. From daily living support and fundamental personal care to specialised therapeutic interventions, our range of NDIS services in Blacktown is comprehensive. Also, when it comes to finalising NDIS services, we ensure that we help and guide our participants in choosing the right NDIS services that stand ideal for them to live a supported life.
If you choose Caura as your NDIS provider in Blacktown, you will choose –

  • Dedicated carers
  • Customised approach
  • Community integration
  • Holistic services
  • Life coaching
  • Group programs

With our Caura team, your NDIS journey will be guided with understanding, empathy, and our genuine effort to see you achieve your goals and thrive in all aspects of your life. So, to get the most out of your NDIS plan, connect with us for better support so you can lead a fulfilling life!


01 Do you offer in-home disability services in Blacktown?

Of course! At Caura, our team provides personalised in-home disability services, ensuring compassionate support for individuals with disabilities.

02How can I apply for NDIS funding in Blacktown?

You can begin applying for NDIS funding in Blacktown by contacting the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). They are the body in charge of regulating the NDIS. You can speak with them directly if you want to discuss your interest in receiving NDIS help.

03What documents and information do I need to apply for NDIS support in Blacktown?

When submitting a Blacktown NDIS support application, it helps to have the following:

  • Proof of identity
  • Information about your disability or condition
  • Any existing reports or assessments
  • Details about the support you currently receive
  • Your goals and aspirations
  • Information about how your disability impacts your daily life

Giving the NDIA precise and comprehensive information will enable them to understand your particular needs better and guarantee that you receive customised support under the NDIS.

04 Can I switch NDIS providers in Blacktown if I'm not satisfied with my current one?

Indeed, one of the main features of the NDIS plan is the choice and control of participants over their decisions. As such, you are free to move to a different provider at any time if you think the services provided by your current one fall short of your expectations.

05 Are your services tailored to different types of disabilities in Blacktown?

As an NDIS provider in blacktown, we tailor our services and extend the best possible support for each participant. Connect with us right away if you need personalised NDIS support.

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