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At Caura, we offer a range of NDIS services Sydney that cover all aspects of a participant's life, with a special focus on mental health. With years of experience, we're here to be your dedicated support system, providing the resources and assistance you need to fulfill your aspirations.

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About Us

Prioritise your mental wellbeing and make the best out of your NDIS journey with us as your NDIS provider Sydney. When you choose Caura, you pave the way for holistic NDIS assistance and take a step towards building an empowering life for yourself. All our NDIS services Sydney are designed to address your unique needs and deliver the resources you need to achieve your goals. Caura works passionately every day to not just cater to the immediate needs of the participants but also to be catalysts for their growth.

We aim to be the support system that gives you the strength to face your life challenges and offers you the resources you need to fulfil your needs and aspirations. With years of experience navigating the disability landscape we are familiar with the mental, physical and social needs of people with disabilities and we cater to them all with our NDIS provider Sydney.

At Caura, we partner with people who have first-hand knowledge of navigating the challenges and opportunities within the disability service Sydney support system. We utilise their lived experiences to better understand and cater to the needs of participants who choose us as their NDIS provider in Sydney.


Transforming Care with Personalized Support at Caura

Summer Alipor, CEO of Caura, talks about the company’s holistic care coordination approach, offering personalized services. Summer’s passion lies in problem-solving within the disability sector, aiming to address gaps in support to facilitate individual progress. Hear what she has to say:

Our Approach

Caura’s approach towards disability service Sydney defines the essence of our value system and helps support individuals in achieving their developmental goals.

Transforming Lives through Comprehensive Support

At Caura, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to enhancing the lives of individuals facing various challenges, including psychosocial disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and communication difficulties. Our team of compassionate and highly trained Direct Support Professionals is dedicated to providing holistic support tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Customised Treatment Plans

We understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why we collaborate closely with our clients and their treatment teams to develop individualised treatment plans. These plans address a wide range of challenges, including physical and verbal aggression, suicidal ideation, communication barriers, and difficulties in focusing on specific activities and tasks. Our adaptive approach ensures that the right care is provided at every stage of our clients’ lives.

Comprehensive Medical Expertise

In addition to our person-centred care approach, our team boasts a broad spectrum of medical expertise. We are skilled in assisting with daily tasks like dressing and showering, managing mealtime effectively, and administering medications. This multifaceted knowledge allows us to provide a well-rounded and nurturing environment for our clients.

More Than Caregivers: Compassionate Companions and Mentors

Our role goes beyond providing care; we are compassionate companions and mentors. We believe in treating our clients as individuals, fostering their growth, and promoting positive mental health. We take the time to engage with our clients, ensuring they don’t feel alone on their journey to well-being.

Diverse Clientele

Our services extend to a diverse clientele, including individuals with psychosocial disabilities, those on the Autism Spectrum, and nonverbal clients facing physical and verbal communication challenges, neurological disorders as well as Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI), Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) , Spinal Cord Injuries. We pride ourselves on our adaptability and our commitment to meeting the unique needs of each person we support.

Join Us in Making a Difference

At Caura, we are dedicated to transforming lives through personalised, compassionate, and comprehensive support. We invite you to join us in making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you or your loved ones achieve their highest potential. Together, we can make a positive impact and bring about positive change.


Our Values



We work relentlessly to create an inclusive space where the participants live independently without being limited by prejudices of any kind.



We follow an empathetic approach and ensure our conduct never hurts the sentiments of anyone who trusts us as their disability servic Sydney.



We target both the mental well-being and personal growth of the NDIS participants and make sure they build capacity and lead an empowering life.



We adopt complete transparency in our service delivery and make sure the participants are always in control of their NDIS plan and goals.

Support with Caura

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65Combined Years of Experience

Mental Health & Autism


Your mental health influences your overall well-being, at Caura we understand this and do our best to help all participants secure a positive mental space. All disabilities often bring along several mental health issues and they compromise your quality of life and limit your ability to fulfil your dreams. As a team specialising in mental health and psychosocial disabilities, you can always expect us to be sensitive towards mental health issues and find our assistance in navigating through associated challenges. As an NDIS provider Sydney we are also known for autism care; we have years of experience in catering to the unique needs of autistic individuals. We understand their condition demands special care and its key to promote their growth and well-being. So, at Caura, we tailor our service to meet these unique needs while making them feel heard and seen.

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Why Choose Us?


With us, you will find a team that understands your mental health challenges and helps you deal with them.


Our services target your overall well-being and caters to all your immediate and long-term needs.


Our support experts and caregivers are all equipped to address all your disability-related needs and associated challenges.


We are a compassionate team that follows an empathetic approach to disability care and makes you feel cared for.


From finding the right accommodation to securing desirable employment opportunities, we will do it all for you and deliver to all your needs.


At Caura we offer life coaching and mentorship service to help you better define your goals and achieve them.

Empowering Vulnerable Youth: The Caura and Level Up Youth Services Partnership

Caura and Level Up Youth Services have formed a powerful partnership to address the needs of vulnerable young people in the community. Level Up Youth Services specializes in working with individuals aged 18-25 who have experienced trauma and have come out of the care of the minister.

They operate across various regions in New South Wales, including Macarthur, Wollondilly, Southern Highlands, Illawarra, Nowra, Orange, and Newcastle. Their mission is to educate and empower young people, creating a community of healthy, safe, and connected individuals.

On the other hand, Caura focuses on providing housing and in-home supports for those who come into their care. Through this partnership, Level Up Youth Services acts as mentors for clients with complex trauma who also receive support from Caura. This collaboration allows for a comprehensive and holistic approach to supporting these young individuals. While Level Up Youth Services primarily focuses on mentoring and support for young people with trauma backgrounds, Caura extends its services to a broader range of clients, offering additional support in areas such as housing, group activities, and in-home assistance. Caura’s clients encompass a wide spectrum of needs, ranging from high-functioning individuals to those with high physical needs.

Together, Caura and Level Up Youth Services work hand in hand to provide opportunities, skills, and support for vulnerable young people, enabling them to actively participate in their social and economic communities. This partnership strives to create a community where all young individuals have the resources they need to thrive and succeed.

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Client Stories

Caura is such a great wonderful service with great supports . In my days of being a support coordinator is Sydney I would often refer my clients to Caura my clients and their families would always give me great feedback regarding the supports they were receiving as well as how kind the staff were. Absolutely love Caura service 5 stars from me

Belinda Maslen

Caura NDIS provides personal, physical and emotional support in Sydney to people with disability who require assistance with daily living. The staff are compassionate and professional to clients, which i can say that Caura is the best NDIS Company in Sydney.

Jacob Mark Bombeo

Caura is the best NDIS Provider Sydney I had the pleasure of working with. Great staff with a true understanding of their clients' disabilities which make them perfectly suited to support them; you won't find a better service anywhere else in the industry!

Relth Mcroth

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